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Benefits of Thick Socks For Walking

Thick socks for walking? While this might sound uncomfortable to a few, wearing thick socks for walking actually has a few benefits. Learn why it’s better to wear thick socks for walking.

1. Thick socks provide extra padding and support

While walking may be a low-intensity activity, wearing thick socks gives extra reinforcement and cushioning to absorb shock and lessen the strain on your feet from walking a few kilometers.

thick socks padding
exped socks keep you warm

2. Thick socks keep your feet warm

Morning or evening walks during cold days can get chilly and thick socks provide an additional layer of warmth together with your windbreaker or jacket.

3. Thick socks provide stability

If your shoes don't have a good fit, there’ll be a lot of room inside the shoes. While this might be good to hear, it does not make the feet stable while walking. Good thing though is that thick and snug socks prevent feet from sliding inside the shoes— keeping you more stable while walking.

exped socks prevents slip
Now that you’ve learned that the thickness of the socks makes a difference when it comes to walking, you might want to check out some of our recommended socks:

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