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Back-to-School Checklist for Parents​

Getting your child ready to go back to school can sometimes be a little overwhelming. But if you want to do several tasks simultaneously before starting school, you don’t have to. You can do it ahead of time. Before sending your children to school, you can shop for backpacks, clothes, and other school supplies early. Here are a few tips and a checklist to start with.

school back pack

1. Backpacks

Your child’s school backpack can be the most challenging work item to go back to school and shop. Backpacks are used daily to carry items to and from school. You need to withstand everyday use, such as going to school, storing lockers, and rough handling of your children’s belongings. Never go for cheap and low-quality backpacks that would only last weeks or months. Limited options can suffer from quality issues and may not suit your child. Choose a shop that offers various quality backpacks for kids.

2. Shoes

Your kids’ feet can grow up to two sizes in half a year, so you should consider the sizes when buying shoes. But it doesn’t mean that you should purchase oversized shoes that will slip your kids’ feet forward and put excessive pressure on their toes. 

Choose a snug fit, about the width of the toes from the edge of the shoe to the tip of the big toe. Tight shoes can cause blisters on children’s toes and, worse, ingrown toenails. Shoes wear out and lose cushioning over time, so check for proper cushioning and arch support. Replace shoes with scratches on the edges of the soles. When buying shoes, make sure that their toes are slightly bent and that their shoes are not bent in the middle of the sole.

school shoes
school socks

3. Socks

After a break, coming back to school means meeting again with friends and teachers and sharing stories of what has been done throughout the summer. Some new pairs of cute socks for kids are fun to show off to a great icebreaker on their first day. Also, ensure that you choose durable and comfortable socks from Darlington so your kids can explore and do their activities with ease while in the classroom. 

It is common for children to take their shoes off the classroom in many schools worldwide. Just putting on socks makes them feel at home and cozy, so include thick socks for kids in their wardrobe. 

4. School Uniforms

Buying uniforms feels like the first big step towards getting your child to school. Nothing beats seeing your child in his uniform. Buy a size that is too big to last because kids grow fast. And check out sales on shops that offer great deals on school uniforms.

school uniforms

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