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The Cold Will Never Bother You Anymore

The months of December up to February are usually cold months in the Philippines and this is the perfect time to put on additional layers of clothing to keep us warm and cozy. It’s time to take out those warm and fuzzy sweaters and socks! One way to combat the cold and don’t let it bother you is by putting socks on when sleeping. But do you know that aside from giving warmth, there are also health benefits of wearing socks at night? Here’s why you should start wearing socks at bedtime:

family sleep

1. Wearing socks at night promotes sleep

Having a hard time falling asleep? Consider wearing socks. Sleeping with socks on warms your feet, and warming the feet signals the brain that it’s time to sleep. It also assists the body’s internal temperature regulation — and wearing socks is the easiest way to warm the feet.

2. Wearing socks at night promotes blood circulation

Babies’ skin is sensitive and delicate, that’s why it’s essential to wearWearing socks (that are not too constricting) at night helps in keeping one’s blood vessels open, making it dilated. In turn, dilated blood vessels make it easier for blood circulation. Consequently, good circulation helps the body maintain a consistent temperature while sleeping. Maintaining your body temperature during sleep also ensures a good night’s rest. that extra layer of protection in the form of socks. Wearing socks also lessen the friction of the shoes with their skin

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cracked heels

3. Wearing socks at night smoothens cracked heels

Say goodbye to dry heels and feet and wake up with softer feet. Applying moisturizing lotion before bedtime and slipping on a pair of socks does the trick! Putting on socks helps keep the lotion from drying out and seals in the moisture.


When it comes to sleeping with socks on, it does not matter what kind of socks you wear because you get these benefits regardless of its kind (but also keep in mind to wear a fresh pair, for hygienic purposes). Don’t let the cold bother you and slip on your favorite socks tonight for a good night’s sleep.

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