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Conceal The Feet, Not The Feels

Socks may conceal the feet but these soft and comfy pairs show more. Each variation does not hold back when it comes to adding style and functionality to one’s overall ensemble. With the variety of socks available today, a pair of socks can also function as a mirror of one’s personality and mood.

Quarantine or not, it’s always comforting to wear socks— plain socks, patterned socks, foot covers, sports socks, or even health socks like charcoal socks. Meet five unique individuals who have found self-expression in socks.


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minimalist jane

Minimalist Jane

Oftentimes, plain is associated with boring but Jane believes otherwise. She considers herself a minimalist and adapts minimalism in her everyday life. She believes that less is more and that there is beauty in simplicity. The classy and simple socks Jane favors exudes the vibe that she is straightforward and brutally honest— there is no fuss, no muss with her.

Lively Liv

Liv is a gal with a cool sense of humor and fashion sense. Her colorful and patterned socks make her stand out from the crowd and complements her vibrant personality.


Health and wellness advocate Harry

Harry values overall health and wellness. He’s fond of everything organic and he advocates charcoal socks which have several benefits: antibacterial and antifungal, prevents static electricity, dry and breathable, aids blood circulation and thermal regulation.

Easy-going Anton​

Anton is a chill dude who does not like his socks to peek out so his default socks are foot covers, which definitely go with his favorite sneakers and his go-to outfit these days: shirt and shorts.


Sporty Darren and Lyn

This power duo are go-getters. Always active, motivated and disciplined in their fitness regimen. Their workout attire wouldn’t be complete without their sport socks that help them power through training.

Know that even you’re confined to your homes these days, you can still express yourself and wear your heart (this time, not on your sleeve but on your feet) — flaunt your style and let your personality shine wherever you may be and regardless of the socks you wear— may it be plain socks, patterned socks, foot covers, sports socks, or even charcoal socks, which Philippine brands like Darlington and Exped offer. Check out their diverse line of socks that you can wear for everyday comfort!

Which among these individuals can you see yourself in? Let us know in the comments!

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