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Darlington socks for men adds a classic yet contemporary twist to every gentleman’s daily outfit. Comfortable and functional, tailored for men who are on-the-go.

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Although Darlington Socks is known as the leading manufacturer of socks in the Philippines, our offerings go way beyond that as we are driven to provide holistic products to accommodate the active lifestyles of our customers.

Darlington provides men’s accessories, specifically biker gloves, to pair with our specialty biker socks. Darlington’s biker gloves for men soak in moisture and is designed with a rubberized palm to keep hands secured on your bike’s handlebars, providing a full and tight grip throughout your journey

More than absorbing sweat and maintaining a secure grip. Darlington’s gloves for men also acts as an extra layer of protection against callus, scratches, cuts, and grazes that may come with the nature of the outdoor sport


Darlington’s Casual Socks for Men adds a classic yet contemporary twist to men’s day-to-day outfits.

Our men’s casual socks are tailored specifically for men who are on-the-go. It is comfortable yet functional—designed to support your feet and keep it snug and fresh as you go about your day. Because the last thing you want to worry about are callused and foul-smelling feet.

Darlington’s Men’s Casual Socks were made with premium material, committing comfort and style. It boasts the 100% Cotton USA trademark and comfortable spandex material, with a non-constricting garter and reinforced heel for optimal support and performance.

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Crush your workouts, breeze through training, and slay your goals—level up your game and gear up for anything with Darlington Sports Socks for Men.

Keep your feet fresh smelling all the time. Our low-cut and anklet socks contain coffee grounds — which act as deodorizing agents. Rigorous activities and long exposure to the sun will never be a problem again as Darlington’s Sport Socks for Men are also quick-dry.

Designed to match any shoe color and style and for any activity. In terms of color variation, our socks are available in plain neutral tones — Black, Dark Gray, Medium Gray, and a combination of White/Medium Gray, White/ Dark Gray, and White/Black.

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