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Unearthing The Charcoal Socks

You may have probably heard about charcoal socks. What comes to your mind upon hearing charcoal socks? Perhaps some may picture a pair of dirty socks or associate it with smelly socks. Clear your mind of the misconceptions you have because in this blog, we’ll demystify how charcoal socks are made. Charcoal socks or bamboo socks, are simply socks made with activated charcoal. Isn’t it amazing how clothing technologies are able to incorporate natural and organic elements into fabric? Let’s look into what charcoal socks are made of and how they are produced.

bamboo charcoal 1

An important invention arrived in 1939—nylon, which is a durable and cost-efficient synthetic fiber. Soon, it became an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. During the 1940s, stockings reached the peak of its popularity; however, they still were not self-supporting.

charcoal fibers


After which, the burnt bamboo, now turned to charcoal, is then treated with oxygen and made into nanoparticles. Finally, the nanoparticles are infused into cotton, polyester fibers, or yarns. The entire process “activates” the bamboo charcoal by eliminating the charcoal of previously absorbed molecules, which enhances the absorption capabilities of the activated charcoal and allows them to be incorporated into fabric, clothes, and even into socks!

high socks trio

The result is a pair of natural and organic socks made with activated charcoal. If it is your resolution this 2021 to make simple lifestyle changes, you may want to take a step into a more sustainable lifestyle by slipping a pair of organic bamboo socks.

Local brands like Darlington and Exped are one of the pioneers and innovators of sustainable socks in the Philippines. Check out their diverse collection of socks that fit every occasion and need because you might just uncover the socks you’re looking for.

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