Darlington Casual Socks for Infants & Babies

Everything that comes into contact with your infant must be carefully considered—from food, skincare products, clothing, and even down to their socks. Parents, know that you have our word. Rest assured that Darlington Casual Socks for Infants and Babies will only provide comfort and protection for your newborn.

We help infants and babies’ skin get accustomed to the outside world.

Infants and babies’ cute hands and tiny feet need all the protection and care they can get. The 100% Cotton USA, non-constricting garter, and perfectly shaped heel attributes our socks provide will surely keep your little one’s delicate skin and feet secured. Additionally, we have garterless socks for infants to prevent rash and irritation.

kid wearing socks riding on a toy car

Be there every step of the way and protect your baby from slipping and falling.

The SlipGuard tech in Darlington’s Casual Socks for Infants and Babies provides a grippy and anti-slip sole that allows your little one to explore freely. For extra protection, suit your child in our cozy leggings for babies.

Dedicated to accompanying your child as they discover life.

Your child’s comfort and protection is of utmost importance especially during this delicate phase of development. With you in the wonderful world of parenthood is Darlington Socks and our lines for infants and babies. We’re dedicated to accompanying your child as they discover life.

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ElastiFIT Comfort
Utilizes a  soft elastic rubber for long  lasting comfort

Snug Fit Icon

Snug-FIT Technology
optimum support on  arch and midfoot

Heel tech premium icon

HeelTech Premium  maximum support for  the heel; and  SoleProtek for  premium cushion.