Darlington Infants

Darlington Infant Basic Socks

Darlington socks for infants may appear in basic in style and colors but it isn’t basic when it comes to protecting your baby from boo-boos and discomfort.

Darlington Infant Active Socks

Darlington active socks for infants are designed to support babies as they explore their surroundings during the early stages of their development.

Darlington Infant Fashion Socks

Babies naturally look cute in whatever they wear. But the more important question is: are they comfortable with it? Darlington fashion socks for infants bring the ultimate comfort and function that’s guaranteed to make your little one wear a smile all day!

Darlington Infant Tights

Do you feel uncomfortable when you hear the word tights? Not us! All things seem possible with Darlington – we combine secure and comfort in one piece. Put on a pair of Darlington’s comfy and snug tights on your baby for the ultimate protection that is fit for all seasons.

Darlington Infant Leggings

Who says only baby girls can wear leggings? Of course, baby boys can also rock leggings! Darlington’s cute, colorful, and comfortable baby leggings will surely look good on every newborn and toddler.