Darlington Infant Tights

Do you feel uncomfortable when you hear the word tights? Not us! All things seem possible with Darlington – we combine secure and comfort in one piece. Put on a pair of Darlington’s comfy and snug tights on your baby for the ultimate protection that is fit for all seasons.

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Just the right amount of tightness

Infants and babies’ cute hands and tiny feet need all the protection and care they can get. The 100% Cotton USA, non-constricting garter, and perfectly shaped heel attributes our socks provide will surely keep your little one’s delicate skin and feet secured. Additionally, we have garterless socks for infants to prevent rash and irritation.

kid wearing socks riding on a toy car

Tight with benefits for your baby’s feet

Darlington’s line of baby and infant’s tights are super light and comfy, contrary to its name. It comes in various colors and designs that will surely look adorable on your baby and make them feel comfy all day, everyday — Darlington baby tights are made with 100% Cotton USA and spandex, a non-constricting garter, and anti-slip heel that will make your baby stay secured.

Snug yet comfy, your baby won’t notice it’s there!

Add Darlington’s super comfy tights to your baby’s clothing for the ultimate comfort and protection, regardless of weather or occasion. Keep them covered yet comfortable with our tights that fight discomfort, moisture, and odor.

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ElastiFIT Comfort
Utilizes a  soft elastic rubber for long  lasting comfort

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Snug-FIT Technology
optimum support on  arch and midfoot

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HeelTech Premium  maximum support for  the heel; and  SoleProtek for  premium cushion.