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Even though Exped Socks and Darlington Socks are known as manufacturers of high-quality socks, our offerings go beyond that as we aspire to provide holistic products that offer comfort and protection, which has always been the primary consideration behind the creation of our products.

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Exped Socks has also branched out to men’s accessories.

We offer compression knee sleeves to provide protection in your daily workout regimen. Whether it involves running, jumping, or knee-centric weightlifting movements such as deadlifts or squats, gear up with  Exped knee sleeves because as they say, prevention is better than cure.

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Perform safer and longer, prevent post-workout soreness and more.

Knee sleeves adds a valuable compression factor which increases blood flow to the knees; thus, improving blood circulation. It also boosts stability and sense of motion, prevents the loss of body heat, and improves awareness of the body position and movement.

Train smart and practice good form!

While knee sleeves can help you run or lift longer, of course they are no replacement for proper training and technique.

Exped Socks is here to help you train smarter. Our range of men’s accessories augments the sporting experience and allows you to enjoy an active lifestyle without compromising comfort and safety.

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ElastiFIT Comfort
Utilizes a  soft elastic rubber for long  lasting comfort

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Snug-FIT Technology
optimum support on  arch and midfoot

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HeelTech Premium  maximum support for  the heel; and  SoleProtek for  premium cushion.