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Going for the right socks is equally important as selecting the right kind of shoes for any sport or activity so you can perform well and be secured. Gear up for anything with Exped Men’s Sports Socks so you can be relentless in going all out in training and crushing your workouts.

Ideal for every athlete and every sport.

Aside from the ElastiFIT Comfort, Snug-FIT, HeelTech Premium technologies, our men’s sports socks are also engineered with SoleProtek for maximum for the heel and for premium cushion. But what makes our sports socks stand out is the Charcoal Technology which eliminates odor in the socks and keeps your feet fresh all the time with its antibacterial properties.

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But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the unique technologies incorporated in every pair of Exped Socks, our sports socks also add a valuable compression factor for support. For long, intense games and extensive training days, sweaty feet won’t be a problem as Exped’s odorless athletic socks for men are also quick-dry and breathable.

Regardless of the sport or activity, don’t let footsie whoopsies keep you from getting in the zone.

Exped Socks will take care of your feet’s well-being so you can be focused on giving your best performance. Experience the ultimate comfort and protection while leading an active lifestyle with Exped’s odorless athletic socks for men!

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ElastiFIT Comfort
Utilizes a  soft elastic rubber for long  lasting comfort

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Snug-FIT Technology
optimum support on  arch and midfoot

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HeelTech Premium  maximum support for  the heel; and  SoleProtek for  premium cushion.