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A Colored Socks A Day Keeps the Blues Away

One can’t go wrong with a pair of white, black, and neutral socks. These classics definitely don’t go out of style but once in a while, wearing bright colored socks can be a great change! Read on to know why people wear colored socks.

1. It shows your personality and style

Like each one of us have different personalities, there are a variety of designs and colors of socks that match our personal style. Let your personality and style shine bright like the colorful socks that you don.

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2. It’s a form of self-expression

If there are mood rings, there are also “mood socks”. Can’t put your thoughts or feelings into words? Express them with socks—


When you’re feeling energetic


Whenever you’re feeling bold and confident


If you like to spread good vibes


If you want to add a dab of freshness to your outfit or just when you want to feel and look fresh


For days when you want to chill, relax, and feel refreshed


Whenever you just feel nice and sweet


For days when you’re feeling a little “extra”

3. Adds fun and color to your day

In this new normal when every day feels almost the same, tell days apart through the color of your socks. Plus points for getting to wear a variety of colors and designs.

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4. Anyone can wear them

Babies, children, adults; men and women— the best thing about wearing colored socks is people of all ages get to wear them. No limits or restrictions. With these being said, there’s a pair of colored socks for everyone. Check out some of our recommended Darlington and Exped fashion socks:

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