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Socks and Shoes: Working Together in Protecting Your Child’s Feet  

Kids will always be kids playfulness and curiosity are inherent to them so we must let them be. Encourage your children to be imaginative as they wander and explore the world. In doing so, also equip them with protection for their feet to empower your child to do anything comfortably and securely.

Find that layer of protection in socks (and shoes) the duo that works hand in hand in keeping your child’s feet protected. Read on to know why kids should wear socks with their shoes:

1. Hygiene

Kids should be wearing shoes with socks just like adults primarily because of hygiene. It’s also important for children to wear socks with their shoes just like adults since socks act as the first line of defense against blisters, bacteria buildup, and infections to name a few.

foot development

2. Socks help with foot development

Wearing shoes helps provide stability. When paired with socks, there is better stability, plus, it also aids in the development of the foot by promoting a gripping sensation in the toes of children.

3. Protection against injuries and heat and cold

Wearing socks and shoes when playing indoors or outdoors shields their feet from the hot or cold surface of the floor, prevents them from slipping, and protects the feet from foreign objects— just imagine how much it hurts stepping on a Lego piece!

saftety from danger

To the parents reading this, let your child conquer the unknown and discover the world. Allow them to go places, prancing around in their bright-colored footsies, not letting feet boo-boos getting in their way. With Darlington and Exped, know that children are always comfortable and secure. Check their collection of comfortable and cute socks for kids.

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