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exped charcoal socks


Exped Socks have similar components as its predecessor, Darlington Socks—they  are both made with 100% Cotton USA, non-constricting garter, and with a perfectly  shaped heel. It also offers the same quality of comfort, support and protection to the  feet. However, Exped Socks offers something a little extra—it boasts a charcoal  technology brought by the bamboo charcoal fibers they’re made with, which have  amazing (and surprising) properties.

Exped Socks are infused with bamboo charcoal, which naturally has odor absorption and deodorizing  capabilities. Aside from that, it contains a number of other advantages that are unique in charcoal socks.


Antibacterial and antifungal properties are  unique to bamboo charcoal.

It possesses a bacteriostatic material which prevents bacterial metabolism and helps eliminate allergic reaction.


Bamboo charcoal is dry and breathable.

It has a cross-section filled with various micro-gaps  and micro-holes which gives better moisture absorption and ventilation, compared to the  conventional fabric.

Exped will never lose its essence even if constantly worn or washed repeatedly.

We guarantee you that Exped Socks will be permanently odorless. The bamboo charcoal fibers are infused into the very threads of our socks, so it will always stay odorless!  Discover the true essence of Exped Socks — we dare you to not wash a pair of Exped Socks for 7 days. Better yet, we challenge you — singhutin mo, baby!


Regardless, Exped Socks is very much similar to its sister brand Darlington Socks because it also caters to all age groups and genders. There  are Exped Charcoal Socks for men, women, and kids that serve various purposes—casual socks for everyday use, sports socks for physical activities, foot cover socks with heel gel cushion for casual use, and No-Show socks for daily wear.


Ultimately, the use of premium and organic materials plus and distinct charcoal technology results in all day and everyday comfort and protection.
With that in mind, feel empowered knowing that you will be always ready to step into the unknown with Exped Socks.

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