Why do we need to wear socks?

Socks are basic necessity that provide comfort and protect our feet. It is crucial to make sure we get the right pair of socks in order to get the maximum benefit from our socks.

Why should I choose Darlington and Exped Charcoal socks over other brands?

The company prioritizes in manufacturing top notch products. Darlington and Exped Charcoal socks undergo extensive research and development in order to come up with the right pair of socks to suit every activity and serve the proper purpose of wearing socks.

Pointers in choosing the right pair of socks

Garter – non constricting, non-binding. Socks should not be too tight as this will disrupt blood flow, causing red marks and skin irritation.

Heel Arc- curved part of the socks, which holds the socks in its place. It fits the heel right preventing twist and turns.

Soft Body Texture- socks should be gentle on your feet.

Super Fine Toe Seam- seam line should be negligible. Thick seam will leave unsightly marks on toes.

Comfort Cushion – snug-fit and comfort. Right amount of protection that is carefully designed for diverse activities and fashion needs.

Why Exped Charcoal Socks?

Exped charcoal socks is all about Charcoal Technology, it is derived from bamboo that is made to charcoal and woven into the yarn. Bamboo is a porous plant making the charcoal more odor absorbent. Exped charcoal socks has all the distinct features of Darlington plus odor- absorbing Charcoal.

What is the Exped Charcoal Socks “7-day No Wash Challenge” & “Singhutin Mo Baby” campaign?

This is a challenge to consumers to wear Exped Charcoal socks for 7 days without washing. As long as Exped Charcoal socks is not soiled it will remain odor free. “Singhutin Mo Baby”, is asking the consumers to smell the socks, to prove that it is still odor free after wearing it.

Who can wear Exped Charcoal Socks?

Everyone. Aside from odor absorption, Bamboo Charcoal promotes metabolism and blood circulation, with these health benefits that Exped Charcoal socks offer, it is definitely for everyone!