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A Unique and Refreshing Brew For The Feet

Do you miss wearing shoes these days? We do, too. Perhaps show up to your Zoom meeting fully dressed from head to toe one of these days. Relive the days of going out and about, reacquaint your feet with socks and match them with your favorite sneakers or shoes. Slip on a pair (of coffee socks) today and let your feet taste the comfort that these unique coffee socks bring!

Surprised by coffee socks? Yes, they do exist and they are a unique concoction in their own right. In the Philippines, coffee is not only a staple drink—it is also incorporated into clothing—from shirts, slacks, activewear, and even socks. Darlington has a line of coffee socks — a first in the Philippines. But how is coffee infused into clothing, particularly, into socks?


Allow us to spill Darlington’s unique methodology of incorporating coffee into 100% Cotton USA socks: Coffee grounds are combined onto the yarn surface using a low-temperature, high-pressure, and energy-saving process. This, in turn, changes the characteristics of the filament and allows the coffee grounds to be woven directly to the very yarn of the socks. Ultimately, this methodology of imbuing coffee grounds into the socks poses some benefits for its end user:

dowi coffee warm socks 1

1. Controls odor and antibacterial

Coffee grounds are natural deodorizers. They possess caffeine, which boosts their ability to neutralize unpleasant smells and ward off foul smell. Consequently, caffeine contains nitrogen, which in turn, increases the ability of carbon to absorb sulfur, which is often associated with putrid odors. Apart from that, coffee has antibacterial properties, too.

2. Sweat wicking

Aside from keeping odor and bacteria at bay, coffee also naturally wicks sweat, as the grounds are embedded onto the very yarn of Darlington coffee socks.

dowi coffee socks fiber
dowi coffee coffee fiber

3. Dries 200 times faster than cotton

As the coffee grounds are processed, its carbon material becomes “activated”, which then allows the socks to be UV and moisture resistant

The finished product is a pair of extra comfortable, highly durable, and quick-drying coffee socks that will surely keep your feet fresh and odor-free! Altogether, these organic coffee socks from Darlington do not only exceed cotton in terms of deodorization, but also add functionality to one’s socks-wearing experience.

dowi coffee socks samples

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