Darlington Garterless Socks

Given our advocacy to provide quality products suited to the lifestyle of our customers, Darlington has designed a pair of socks that will satisfy your high standards for comfort and protection—a perfectly snug, non-constricting and totally garterless pair of socks.

Solid support for your feet, without the constricting feeling of the typical sock.

Our passion for product development and innovation was what drove us to veer away from the traditionally designed socks, hence, Darlington’s Garterless Socks line was born. Each pair fits like a glove and is made comfortable by its cotton spandex material.

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A new socks-wearing experience.

Darlington’s garterless socks are lightweight and smooth on the skin, inspired by the sensation of walking barefoot. It also eliminates the discomfort and red marks caused by restraining garters, which makes it highly recommended babies with big cute legs and for individuals with diabetes.

Though lightweight, Darlington’s Garterless Socks does not forgo support.

it is created with a  material that provides feet with an added boost. We sought to it that common foot whoopsies were not forgotten even though we totally lost the garter.

Enjoy a unique experience on the feet with Darlington’s garterless socks. Try it for yourself!

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ElastiFIT Comfort
Utilizes a  soft elastic rubber for long  lasting comfort

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Snug-FIT Technology
optimum support on  arch and midfoot

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HeelTech Premium  maximum support for  the heel; and  SoleProtek for  premium cushion.