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Taking Care of Your Feet During A Pandemic

Given that we now spend most of our time indoors, the most apparent and appropriate choice of footwear would be slippers. Wearing slippers at home is definitely nice and comfortable; however, this exposes the feet and puts it at some level of risk.

Over the last year and up until present, people around the world have been concentrating on efforts to defend themselves from the lethal coronavirus. With so much going on, it may be easy to overlook a slight pinch or twinge in our feet, which initially can be dismissed as nothing but potentially could be something else— however, there’s no need to worry! Mishaps can be avoided by wearing protective gear and clothing like socks, coupled with practicing preventive measures. Read on as we go deep on how one can take care of their feet better during a pandemic:

woman doing yoga
woman stretching

1. Wear shoes and socks, even when exercising indoors

Since we’re indoors, it may be tempting to give up wearing shoes (and socks), and opt for going barefoot instead. However, exercising barefoot can cause overuse of the feet, which in turn can lead to problems like foot strain, ankle strain, or worse, injuries.

2. Occasionally wear shoes inside the house

It’s easy to think that going barefoot looks like giving your feet a break but it may actually lead to soreness and in some cases, injury. According to podiatrists, walking around barefoot, with socks or slippers, increases risk for foot problems. In addition, wearing shoes and socks prevents added stress or pressure on the ligaments, tendons, and around the ball of the foot— areas of the foot that particularly need support and cushioning.

woman wearing shoes
man stretching

3. Wear socks with grippy soles for extra support

We do not know when accidents will occur and as they say, prevention is better than cure. For extra support and protection, it may be best to wear socks with rubber dots on the soles for better traction.

In all things, comfort is a priority but it may not always be enough. While wearing shoes and shoes indoors may be uncomfortable and impractical, it is beneficial in ways we haven’t thought of before. Good thing is, there is a pair of socks that both have comfort and added protection. Experience the ultimate comfort and protection with Darlington and Exped, and know that your feet are always in good care.

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