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Interesting Statistics About Socks

One of the most popular items in the world are socks, and that is because they are not only practical but also offer a variety of styles. Socks do not seem like a topic that should need explaining, but what makes them so interesting? Let’s take a look at the following statistics about socks!

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How many socks are made in the world?

Globally, 21,239.05 million pairs (as of 2019) of socks are made every year. And the top five countries which pamper their feet with comfy socks are China ($4.67B), Turkey ($1.06B), Pakistan ($412M), Italy ($291M), and Serbia ($177M).

What is the market for socks?


Socks are one of the most basic items people wear, so it’s no surprise that countless companies are selling them. The market for socks is always on the rise, and it’s about to get even more crowded. What do most people do when they have a question about the market size of socks? According to a report from Expert Market Research, the socks market reached $43.6 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow by 6.3%, approximately USD 61.5 billion by 2026. 

How many pairs of socks should a man own? 

There are many reasons why it is important to have enough socks. For example, through the seasons and various kinds of weather, there might be times when a man needs to wear more than one pair of socks for his feet to stay warm. If he only owns one pair of socks, this may not be the best choice because his feet will get cold and uncomfortable. Another issue can occur if a damp sock gets combined with sweat– which would happen with only one pair of socks– this could lead to an unpleasant smell. He might also find that wearing two pairs of socks is warmer than just one pair in certain situations. 


On average, a man should own around 10 to 20 pairs of socks. This number will cover him if he has to wash one or two at a time and if he goes away on a trip.

Do men wear socks more than women?


This has been a debate for many years, but the answer is that men wear socks more than women. The reason behind this is probably because men tend to wear shoes, while women are more likely to wear sandals. The answer is yes! 73% of men wear socks almost every day compared with 41% percent of women. 

How many people wear socks at home? 

In the home, it is not uncommon for people to wear socks. People of all ages and all cultures will often wear socks in their own homes. Some people think that wearing socks in the house is only for children. But many adults continue to wear them indoors as well. According to the latest NPD Omnibus Survey results, in the US alone, 64% of adults wear socks at home.

What percentage of people wear socks in bed? 

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People have many different reactions to wearing socks in bed. Some say they sleep with their socks on to keep their feet warm. Others say that they wear socks on their hands to prevent scratching themselves while they sleep. However, the vast majority of people said that they do not wear socks in bed at all. Regardless of the reasoning, people still have strong opinions about this topic. A survey says 63% do not sleep with socks on, 25% sometimes, and 11.5% regularly sleep with socks on. 

How many socks go missing each year? 

Some say more socks go missing in the bedroom than in the washing machine. It is not until they need to get dressed they realize there is a gaping hole at their feet. But if you are lucky and you have a partner or housemate, they might have a spare pair of socks sitting around nearby.


Some of us hang up our clothes when we get home from work, and some just drop them on the floor next to the closet door to find what we need faster in the morning. If a sock ends up on its own by accident, it’s likely going to be an orphan for life.


How many socks go missing each year varies wildly – a person loses approximately 15 socks per year. It’s about 1,264 socks over the course of a person’s lifetime.

How often do people buy new socks?

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Studies in the past found that a person should change their socks about once every 2 weeks, but a study found that the optimal time frame for wearing new socks is around 4 to 7 months before you should change them again. If one wears socks more often, you may see them go before their time — anywhere from 3-5 months. This conclusion was reached by taking into account factors such as odor, body temperature, and width of the fabrics.

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