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Socks For Happy Babies

If you’re a first-time parent, for sure you have a lot of questions about infant care, clothing, nutrition — parenting in general. Before your beautiful bundle of joy arrived, one of the questions that must have crossed your mind would be “do infants need socks?” In this blog, we aim to give light to this particular question and we list some of the reasons why infants need to wear socks:

kids wearing socks

1. Socks help regulate body temperature of babies

Should babies put on socks at night? Definitely! The feet tend to get cold easier compared to other body parts— this is where socks come in handy, as they keep your baby warm most especially during the cold months in our country.

2. Socks prevent skin irritation

Babies’ skin is sensitive and delicate, that’s why it’s essential to wear that extra layer of protection in the form of socks. Wearing socks also lessen the friction of the shoes with their skin

toddler socks
toddler riding a car

3. Socks boost stability

Do babies need to wear socks with shoes? Absolutely. Babies are just learning how to stand and walk so they need all the stability and protection. If they only wear socks, there is a chance that they might slip on some surfaces. Socks, when worn together with shoes, boost stability and help in keeping a solid grip of the feet to the ground. This is why babies need to wear socks with shoes.

4. Socks keeps babies comfortable

If babies get cold, they become overstimulated and will not be able to relax or sleep. Socks are very helpful in keeping your little one warm.

To sum it up, socks are definitely a must for babies as it will serve them comfort and protection. Stock up on comfy and cute socks for your baby because a comfy baby is one happy baby. Darlington has a wide collection of infant socks to keep your baby cute, comfy, and happy.

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