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Slide Safely into Your Home Play Area With Socks

With schools being closed and the opening of the school year being moved further, kids are confined inside their homes more than ever. The pandemic may have taken away their freedom to step outside, but kids will always be kids— they will always look forward to playtime— whether indoor or outdoor. Once they’ve set foot on a play area, even if it’s just at home, they will definitely be all over the place and will want to grab and touch everything— which is why it’s critical that we make sure that the surroundings our kids are exposed to are safe and sanitized, most especially during this time. This, along with other reasons, emphasizes why home play areas also require socks:

dowi fit socks parent child

Wearing socks on your home play area is not being maarte, it’s hygienic.

Perhaps the most obvious and most important reason why kids should wear socks when playing in an indoor playground is for hygienic purposes. Since the feet have about 150,000 sweat glands, they are very susceptible to bacteria breaking in the skin — wearing socks at home minimizes the chance of developing fungal infection. Socks act as a barrier that keeps bacteria and germs from penetrating the skin.

When playing indoors, socks serves as protection from blisters, cuts, and slipping

Sometimes, kids can get hyper and playtime can get rough— so it’s best to anticipate unforeseen circumstances. Wearing socks when playing indoors shields the feet from boo-boos such as blisters, cuts, and slipping that kids might encounter from too much excitement and enjoyment from playing.

Is your kid fond of walking or playing indoors barefoot? Have him/her wear socks with “grippers” at the bottom. This way, you don’t have to worry about them catching dirt on their feet, hazardous slippery floors. Also, kids sometimes become too focused on playing that they forget where they put their toys— this leaves lego blocks, Barbie accessories, and other small toys scattered around. This type of socks are best when kids are not wearing shoes as the grip at the bottom keeps them secure and stable.

dowi hoisery playroom babies
dowi hoisery playroom kid

Having socks on provides extra padding and stability

It’s already expected that given their energy level during playtime, children will be doing a lot of explosive movements. They’ll do a lot of jumping, running, climbing, sliding that may have an impact on the feet. A little extra protection and safety net is always a good idea.

Wearing socks helps with foot development

Wearing socks not only keeps your kid secured and stable, it also helps with foot development. Letting your kids move around, in their socks, helps in the normal growth of their feet and encourages the development of grasping sensation in their toes.

Given our present circumstances and as we enter into the warmer months of the year, some might think that wearing socks indoors may cause the feet to get sweaty and smelly and do more harm. So, is it really necessary for kids to wear socks even at home?

toddler car

We maintain that it’s still necessary to wear socks, even indoors, and most importantly when wearing shoes. Wearing socks promotes good hygiene and prevents the development of fungus in the feet, as socks help in keeping the feet dry. In addition, having socks on also keeps the feet clean and this removes any bacteria or dead skin that can potentially lead to an infection. Wearing socks indoors protects your child’s feet from blisters, cuts, and slipping while playing.

It also provides extra protection and helps with foot development. All in all, wearing socks while playing is actually beneficial for your child. And when it comes to the safety and well-being of children, parents must always be two (or three) steps ahead. That’s why it’s important to have your kids wear socks even when playing in your home play area, whether indoor or outdoor. Darlington and Exped have an extensive line of cute and comfy kids socks that will definitely help your kid slide safely into your great indoor play area. View our collection now.

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